BioJet MRI/TRUS Fusion MRI is not an effective tool for guiding a biopsy needle in real-time, but MRI is a superior imaging modality for visualizing areas of interest (possible cancer) Ultrasound cannot always visualize areas of interest (possible cancer), but it is a superior tool for guiding a biopsy needle […]

BioJet MRI/TRUS Fusion

JAIMY is a motorized and articulated instrument specially designed to help laparoscopic surgery. JAIMY is also and above all an innovation combining 3 essential properties: bidirectional flexion, unlimited rotation of the instrument tip, and a 5-mm external diameter.

JAIMY is a motorized

Rhapsody H-30® Holmium Laser System Used to fragment stones, as well as for soft tissue incision, hemostasis, and ablation in the urinary tract. The Rhapsody H-30 delivers 30 watts of power at the fiber tip. The system has a variable pulse width to minimize stone migration and maximize tissue coagulation. […]

Rhapsody H-30® Holmium Laser System