Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation System The Solero* Microwave Tissue Ablation (MTA) System and Accessories are indicated for the ablation of soft tissue during open procedures. The Solero MTA System is not intended for cardiac use. The Solero MTA System is unique because it is specially designed to complete up to a 5 […]

Solero Microwave Tissue Ablation System

Model 1500X RF Generator Now with smart card technology that facilitates upgrades without additional capital investments, the Model 1500X radiofrequency (RF) generator ensures predictable, controllable ablations, time after time. The 1500X has three flexible serial ports and delivers 250 watts of power. It has multiple temperature displays and an intuitive […]

Model 1500X RF Generator

Habib® 4X Bipolar Resection Device The Habib 4X bipolar resection device is designed to reduce blood loss, shorten OR time and shorten ICU and overall hospital stays, as well as offer the ability to perform non-clamping surgery and avoid warm ischemia side effects.* Based on clinical data, the average time […]

Habib® 4X Bipolar Resection Device

StarBurst® Xli-enhanced RFA Device The StarBurst Xli-enhanced RFA electrode offers clinicians the first single placement RFA device designed to create soft tissue ablation sizes of 4-7 cm. It can be used for percutaneous, laparoscopic and intraoperative procedures. This minimally invasive RFA device ensures consistent, sustained target temperatures and enables the […]

StarBurst® Xli-enhanced RFA Device

StarBurst® Talon RFA Device The StarBurst Talon RFA electrode offers clinicians 4 cm ablations in a side-deployment device specifically designed for applications in lesions that may be mobile in soft tissue or adjacent to critical structures. The StarBurst Talon RFA electrode can be used in laparoscopic, percutaneous and intraoperative procedures. […]

StarBurst® Talon RFA Device

StarBurst® SDE RFA Device The StarBurst SDE RFA electrode features a first in the industry: unique, side-deployed arrays that allow physicians to precisely position the trocar tip and see its location with greater ease. It is designed for small lesions, where a finer gauge may be of benefit. With the […]

StarBurst® SDE RFA Device

StarBurst® XL RFA Device The Its real-time, multi-point temperature feedback system ensures sustained target temperatures during the procedure. The patented temperature based end point provides predictable volumes of ablation with low local recurrence rates. Needle track ablation, adjustable array size, and temperature based technology of the revolutionary, first-generation StarBurst XL […]

StarBurst® XL RFA Device

StarBurst® Semi-Flex RFA Device The StarBurst Semi-Flex RFA electrode is a versatile device that features both rigid (metal) and flexible (polymer) trocar sections. Its ability to bend up to 90 degrees in all directions enables easy gantry entrance for MRI and CT systems. This teaming of innovative needle design with […]

StarBurst® Semi-Flex RFA Device