BK Medical

BK Medical is the global leader in urological and surgical ultrasound. It supplies diagnostic ultrasound systems for a broad range of medical applications.The exclusive distributor of bk Medical in Thailand; Medfocus, offers the market’s largest selection of specially designed application – specific transducers with expertise.

Cook Medical

At Cook Medical, patients come first. For over 35 years, we’ve been working to advance urology procedures and improve outcomes, and we’re leading the way with our stone management solutions. We value our quality and won’t compromise it even if it means taking the extra time to make products you and your patients can trust.


AngioDynamics has distinguished itself as a dynamic brand in a technologically competitive, highgrowth industry, through the company’s consistent ability to successfully develop and bring to market new technologies and products. AngioDynamics believes it is well poised to continue that trend. Looking into the future, the company plans to bring forth a continuing stream of innovations that greatly improve patient care by providing the highest-quality, best-performing products.

Medkonsult medical technology (mmt)

Medkonsult develops, manufacture & market urodynamic & anorectal equipment including supporting diagnostic systems in the global market place. Clinical education is an integrated part of the offering to the customers.


The Bladder Scanning Company™

When using non-invasive bladder scanners it reduces the number of urinary tract infections, reveals postoperative retentions and prevents over distention of bladders. Preserves patients’ intimate sphere, Supports bladder retraining with clinical data. Reduces costs in general. Minimizes unnecessary catheter use and reduce time consumption by avoiding unnecessary catheterization.


INSIGHTEC is a global team united by a common vision to transform healthcare by making MR-guided focused ultrasound a standard of care. INSIGHTEC’s MR-guided focused ultrasound technology is a game-changing innovation that allows performing surgical procedures with surgical precision but without incisions. The company’s non-invasive therapy platforms, Exablate and Exablate Neuro, are proven technology based on sound clinical evidence for treating essential tremor, painful bone metastases and uterine fibroids. The company is dedicated to improving patient lives by collaborating with physicians, medical institutions, academic researchers and regulatory bodies around the world. INSIGHTEC is continuously investing in and expanding its current and investigational applications, ranging from neurosurgery to oncology and women’s health.